My Sandisk Clip Sport just turned off!

After a recent workout I had turned off my player, when I went to turn it back on, blackness, I tried to reset for 20-30 seconds, no good, I tried putting it in the charger for a few minutes, no good, I even tried the 60 second reset and plugging it in to my computer, again no go. So what happened? Is it dead? If so is there any hope of getting the music that was in there out? I really hope this isn’t the end of my little buddy, it’s lasted me close to four years, lonest I’ve ever owned a music player. So please help!


UPDATE! I plugged it into the wall for a little longer and now its backlight turned on, its flickering, but not much else. Its very faint, almost like its trying to muster every ounce of its soul to live.