c150 frozen!!!! please help!!!

I was listening to the music on my c150 2.0gb and all of a sudden it just stopped.  The only thing the screen shows is SANDISK.  I took the battery out and put in a new one, same thing it only shows SANDISK.  I even tried leaving the battery out and holding the on/off button for 30 seconds, still nothing. Even when its hooked up to the computer it just seems to be frozen.  All it ever says is SANDISK.  Can anyone help please?!?!

weird, usually just removing the battery should work…

so it’s stuck on the screen that shows when you start it up?

I think i read somewhere that if you call sandisk they can send you firmware for this exact issue. give it a try and let us know, 866.SanDisk

My daughter’s c150 is doing the same thing. Hers doesn’t say SanDisk. It’s just a blank screen. We’ve taken the battery out, replaced it with new one, turned it this way and that…

Any solutions? This is so frustrating. :angry:

LitlPixy - I dont know the answer, but the good news is you can always call sandisk.  They have a good return policy if they cant fix it.  Nothing like a new player!

Yep…  I tried a new battery and I thought I would try a second new battery just in case…And it won’t even turn off.  To turn it off after it just shows SANDISK you have to take the battery out!!! 

I called the 866 sandisk phone number and it says for technical support I have to email www.sandisk.com  so I will try that.  At this point I am ready to throw it out the window I am so frustrated!!!   Thanks for your help.  I will let you know what happens after I email.

I’ll save you the time. They will send you here.


Please contact us through email regarding this issue.  This is something we should be able to resolve promptly.

Support @ SanDisk.com

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MY MP3 Player FROZE!

Sandisk c150 is the worst MP# product on the market. I purchased 6 of these players for my kids. 3 Out of the 6 failed within a very short time.

My problem? One of the replacement players DIED. And i Was told my support I was out of luck. This player is a few 6 months old. It was a new player. I should have a year warranty.

My HP laptop dies with 2 weeks left on the warranty. Hp gave me a new laptop better and faster with one year warranty as all new product have.

 Please help me.

Thanks Roger

I have the same problem as posted above. The player worked fine for a while and then it suddenly froze while I was transferring music onto it. My player freezes also on the SanDisk logo screen even when connected to the PC. Is there anything I can do to un-freeze it, any software upgrades or drivers for it? Please help!

OK I have a the c150 and it has frozen also. It is frozen showing the song that was last played. I took the battery out and put in a new one, left the battery out over night and holding the on/off button for 1 minute plus, still nothing. What is the solution to the problem. 

Firmware for C140 and C150 for frozen screens. 

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Download the Firmware here for c100 series or the external link on Wikibooks topic c100.  Also Download the WinRAR decompressor to open the file.  Read the Howto.txt


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My Sansa c150 is hanged up totally;  I press the on/off button and Sandisk logo appears and DOES NOT disappear; and no button functios; even I can’t turn the device off using the same on/off button;

Is there a way to reset the device even at the cost of a complete format?

none of these worked for me:
changing the battery
using the update firmware
holding the vol+/- buttons with select/down button for 20 seconds
holding the on/off button for 20 seconds!

exactly the same thing happened to me. no idea what to do