c150 - is my money lost forever?

I bought the c150. Worked fine for a while. Then I added the Rhapsody music service. And after a couple of times adding tracks and updating license on the device, everything got scrambled. Now it takes forever to start, The menu lists all albums as UNKNOWN and all songs as XML files, it only plays things that have no DRM, and no matter how many times I connect it to Rhapsody to update the license it always says it can’t play the tracks because of missing license.

Now I can’t format the device or clear it in anyway. The Recovery tool on the website doesn’t work with this model. Calling SanDisk directs you to send an email to support. And when you send an email, it’s been like a month now and all I got was the Thank you email for contacting support.

I understand SanDisk have newer models to support, but at least provide me with a way to reset the device to factory status. And if you think these kinda things don’t happen with newer devices you’re wrong. I have a colleague at work who spent a lot of his time with customer service and technical support trying to solve a problem with his newer model (I forgot which one it was), the only difference is that he eventually got somebody talk to.

SanDisk, please be a little more professional. 

The C100 doesn’t really have a way to just reset and wipe it. In my opinion, it was one of the worst-thought-out models SanDisk ever created, right behind the Express.