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I am based in Malaysia, but purchased a Sandisk player, model C150 (2GB) from Dubai, for my daughter. After working for a few months, the display (& the player) got stuck on a song. Now the system is totally hung and I could not find a way to re-boot or reset the system. Removing the battery does not help, because when the battery is put in, the same screen appears. I could not find a service provider for SanDisk products in Malaysia and am turning to this forum for help. I am a DIY enthusiast and can probably do the resetting myself, only if I knew how. Please help.

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if the player is recognized by the computer try formatting and reloading the player.

No, the computer does not detect Sansa drive anymore. Sansa display is frozen at the song that it was last playing and the only thing that seems to be “alive” is the battery indicator. It shows the actual status of the battery, all other things are frozen.

I seem to have a similar problem:  I purchased a SanDisk; sansa model c150  with 2.0GB memory about  almost 1 1/2-2yrs ago.  As I was deleting music from the music folder it didn’t allow me to delete certain music files.  Thus, I’d repeat the process 2x’s before I got rid of all the music except for approximately 8 songs I left, since it started messing up agian.  Of course, I had to wait for the library to update, then I disconnected to device and noticed the sansa screen showed a song list of about 150songs(it was a couple of wks ago) from what I remember,  and it didn’t make sense to show that number when the songs were just deleted and I pressed play and obviously it got to a song that had been deleted and nothing played. The screen now is blank and when I connect the device to put music in it has no folders,…absolutely nothing in it except for it shows the sansa is connected and it’s powered by a battery.  I can’t drag music.  I’ve tried making a new folder but there’s no way to do it. 

How do I fix this problem? No music can be put on it.  It’s like the whole memory was erased. 

I’ve had the same thing happen on 2 c150s, so it’s pretty clear the c100 series has a FW bug.  Sandisk replaced the first one, but they are telling me they will not replace the second one because it has been more than a year since my original purchase.  IF yours is still under warranty, submit a support request.  If not, you may be SOL.

I’m still working with Tech Support, but if they do not replace this player, it will be the last Sandisk product I buy.

I have the same problem with my friend’s Sansa C150. Blank screen, can only see the battery indicator. It was bought in September 2007.

I have the same problem that all you guys have. But in my c150 it turns on and all I can see is the SandDisk message at the begining, I cannot turn it off and I can’t hear my music, not even the battery indicator. In order to turn it off I have to take the battery off, but when I put it back and turn it on, the same screen appears. Now, when I connect it to my computer, it does not reconignize the device, it is like if I have never connected it.
If any of you found the solution to this kind of problem PLEASE help me, I bougth it on November 2007, it is new!!.

you should give sandisk a call guys. They can eithier send you some firmware to try to fix the issue, or replace it if need be. Assuming your still within 1 year of the original purchase date.

After numerous go-arounds with a few incompetent members of the tech support staff, and after no less than three requests of escalation to the next level, Sandisk finally agreed to replace my player despite it being one month out of warranty.

Thanks, Sandisk, you’ve earned my continued loyalty.  But you really need to do something about the Tech Support crew in India, who despite their low cost are doing your company no favors.


Same problem on my C250, screen frozen and device not detected on computer. Disconnecting battery does not help.  I have spent about 20 hours loading music on my player and have only listened to it about 10 hours in total since buying it.  A new replacement would just set me back all that time.  I don’t think it is worth it.  A fix would be nice.

can someome tell me how to delete songs off of mine please

I think I’d better get myself hitched to this bandwagon

for a few reasons

  1. I can’t get the device recognised by the OS (Vista SP1)

  2. I can’t upgrade the firmware (see 1.)

  3. My symptoms are identical to other C150 owners here

  4. Sandisk says ‘out of warranty - good luck’

I don’t know if this solution will work on C150, after allthe problems I got on my C150 I got an upgrade to C250, which is better than C150, however it has its problems.

My C250 freezed with a message of “refreshing database” and it was not recognized by the computer, so I could enter in safe mode activating the hold button and then connecting it to the computer, this will enter in a 16 MB mode, then you need to download a older firmware version and install it in you C250, after this you can disconnect and turn it on and everything will be ok with the mp3. If you do this procedure I recommend you to upgrade your mp3 player to the latest firmware version.

I hope this will help you.

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It say no songs but also says need to delete no space