c250 freezes

As i learned from the customer support already i shouldn’t format the player with the sdcard inside. Well they did not provide any solution to that what should i do when that have already happened, so i try here instead. My player is now in state that i cannot use it at all.

If i put it on without the SD card , it freezes to the first screen with the sansa logo. If the SD card is inside its “refreshing the database” forever, so i cannot see it on my computer when it doesn’t go to the next screen. I also tried the recovery mode rec+power with the hold on, when i see a 16mb drive on my computer. And my Sansaupdater says no new firmware updates. Is there a way to reinstall the firmware completely as the updater has no option to do so.

I am brand new at all this gadgetery.  I just spent way too much time learning how to rip CD’s and load them to my new Sansa C250.  It worked fine for 1.5 days.  Now it’s frozen.  How to unfreeze it???  I wanted to take it on a long trip with me - maybe not??  So far nothing about this gadget impresses me.  Perhaps I should have opted for the Ipod. 

refresh database - I dont know, did you tell support that you were stuck there with the micro sd card?

Frozen - Press and hold menu down until the player turns off

I have exactly the same problem.

The player freezes on the Sandisk logo (with the little monster thing) forever, and I have to press the power/menu button for 10 seconds to turn the thing off. It does this whether I have it connected to my PC or not.

Have tried reloading the firmware using the Sansa Updater (it can’t find any updates) so I tried loading previous firmware downloaded from;


But to no avail.

I can enter recovery mode just fine, the 16MB-FORMAT drive shows up just fine with version.txt (pasted below) but cannot get the player to turn on normally.

Before this happened I installed the latest firmware, the player worked fine for months, loaded up loads of new music onto it (mp3s and wmas) until the device only had about 300kb of space left on it (I suspect this might be the problem), unplugged the USB connection and left it at the “Refresh Database” screen which I assume it went through and then turned off (It was off when I returned)

I turned it on, and it just froze on the sandisk logo for 10+ minutes.

This is all it does now, was a good little mp3 player while it worked.

If there’s a way I can format the main partition from recovery mode I’ll happily try that.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Version Info:   Product Rev.: PP5022BF-06.10-S301-06.10-S301.00.06ERT
Base Code: 06.10-S301-06.10-S301.00.06ERT
ODM Ver.: S301-06.10-S301.00.06ERT
OEM Ver.: S301.00.06ERT
Build Type: RT
Build Date: 2006.12.12
Build Number: (Build 13.20)

I got the problem solved like this. I contacted support and they sent me the neccessary files what i copied to the player when it was in the recovery mode. It took quite long to start the first time after that, but it started afterall. Then i plugged it to computer and it updated the newest version and no problems after that. And i got now FM-tuner too on it what i did not have before. But now it is working fine.

I also tried with a firmware file downloaded from the internet, but strangely i couldn’t make it work.

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I phoned SanDisk technical support, and they solved my problem!

Another hidden button combination for solving problems was using:

Hold slider on (orange)
Press and hold Play/Pause button
Press once the power on button

Which formats the player’s internal memory! Worked a treat.

I think because I filled the player 99.99% full with music it didn’t have any space to create the database files.

Reference for the people who search the boards  the other key combinations are:

To enter recovery mode:
Hold slider on (orange)
Press and hold record button
Press once the power button

The recovery mode allows you to up/downgrade firmware at your leisure.


i fixed the problem of my player freezing by just letting it sit there and having the battery run out and then i charge it back up and im good to go, this has happend to me already 3 times and usually right after i am synchronizing songs to it, i go to umplugg the thing and find out its frozen

Whenver mine freezes, I always just pop out the battery and put it back in, and that always works.  I’ve never done that power button + REC button before, and i’ve always been able to get mine unfrozen.

This Advice worked great.  My C250 messed up when I did a firmware update it slowed down play between songs, and would delay start of songs.  The format of internal memory worked for me.