c240 Constantly freezes up

I hope someone here has experienced this & can offer a solution.  I purchased a Sansa C240 for my son for xmas last year.  It worked fine, but now freezes up every single time you power it up.  Sometimes it makes it to the main menu before freezing…sometimes it freezes on the little dragon icon, and others you can play one or 2 songs before it freezes.  The only way to restart is to either hold in the power button for approx. 10 seconds, or to remove & reinsert the battery.  When attaching to the pc, it freezes as soon as the computer recognizes it.  I managed to get to the settings one time…I’ve tried it on usb and msc modes.  I’m unable to update the firmware, because it freezes as soon as it tries to install it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

you can try connecting the player in recovery mode to the computer and reloading the firmware that way. You would have to get the firmware through sandisk

It now seems as though the battery might actually be the culprit.  Last night (before hearing back from tech support), I removed the battery & attached to the pc…it works just fine w/out the battery installed.  As soon as I put it back in though, it freezes right up.  I just bought this thing in December, so I would assume this would be covered under warranty?  Problem is, I have no clue if I still have the receipt or not…is there a way to work around this?