c250 Firmware update removes all text

I got a Sansa c250 (2 gigabyte) yesterday as a birthday gift. Today i figured i would see if the firmware was updatable and installed and ran the updater. The updage (from version 3.something to one step higher) went off with out a hitch…or so i thought. Now when i turn teh palyer on it Just says the SanDisk logo, not the original start screen. The menu just has Icons, no text, songs have no text, no text when its connected tot eh computer, and it gets recognized as a bunch of japanese looking symbols in “My Computer.” Did Sandisk just brick my MP3 player?

Well sansa support has yet to get back to me. I really wish people had the v2 firmwares on teh web like the v1’s. This really really opened my eyes tot eh kind of support sansa gives .

I would like to thank the Sansa support for a complete lakc of help on this. Bravo. (And yes i have contacted them)

Sandisk support never contacted you back?

What have you tried on the player so far?  Have you tried to get it in to recovery mode and run the firmware updater?  Try to put the player in recovery mode with the steps below.

Make sure the player is off.
Engage the hold switch (push the slider so you can see the orange color under it).
Hold down the record button.
While holding the record button plug in the USB cable.
Keep holding the record button until you see text come up on the screen of the player and the device shows up in My Computer

After this, if it was successful, try to run the Sansa Firmware Updater again.  If that doesn’t work give Sandisk support a call.

Yes, sansa support has contacted me, trying tot ell me to try the same thing which ive told them is not working. they spent over 24 hours to send a message “Make sure the hold switch is engaged” . It will not enter recovery mode, and i held the rec button for 30 minutes. So for the last 3 days they’ve told me to A) Format the player. I did that. and B> Enter recovery mode so the firmware updater will run. It wont enter recovery mode and the firmware updater doesnt recognize the series of chinese symbols the player is labling itself.

i have similar problems as my screen jus went out ,nothing coming up on it, plus the device is not being recognized by any pc.  the recovery mode and soft reset haven’t worked . i am yet to try something i’ve seen here or from tech support that has worked

My screen is not broken, the LCD display still works. IF the LCD was broken i would avhe returned it.

well if they tell u anything let me know cause i’m sure it’d probably help me too. cause i’ve been trying eveything

I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience so far with tech support.  I had a great experience myself.  Do try to contact them again, and make sure you give them all the information EACH TIME you contact them (email is probably best) with model of player, operating system of your computer, steps that you have taken so far, etc.  Not always the same person is dealing with your contact the second time around, so it saves them searching for your prior contacts and they can see that you’ve already done everything humanly possible to salvage the device. 


It sounds like you may be in need of an RMA.  Calling would be the quickest way to get it resolved.

Darwin at Sandisk Tech support informed me i had a corrupt firmware. Took it back to bestbuy but he also said if best buy had been less than forthcoming that Sandisk would replce it themselves.

I am experiencing this same issue. What is the resolution? The player was working fine before the firmware update, is there a new update? I am really upset that this is a known issue and yet the update is still available.