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Informative Post… Thanks TroyBiz42

Yeah, really.

Did you just copy that off of SanDosk’s web site?

I thought that this forum is for those who has already been to and still looking for some answers. But thanks anyway.

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You would be suprised how many questions asked here can be solved by going to the sandisk website. :slight_smile:

Can i update my Sansa E250 with this ? sorry if its  a silly question :smiley:

@zohair wrote:

Can i update my Sansa E250 with this ? sorry if its  a silly question :smiley:

You can update the firmware on your e200 using the Sansa Firmware Updater.

Here is the video on how to update your firmware


I’ve just updated c250 mp3 player with the updater to version 01.01.00E.
But I want to update to version 01.01.00F - with FM radio. :slight_smile:
Is it possible and how to do that?

…And main question - is there fm radio on c250 mp3 player?

you cant switch from a .E version with no radio, to one with FM radio. If im not mistaken, there is even a price difference in Europe if you want to buy eithier one or the other.

The c200 does have FM radio capabilities though, it was just removed from some of the European ones due to some laws or fee’s I believe.

Do any other models other than those listed benefit from the firmware upgrade such as the c140?

@ump107 wrote:

Do any other models other than those listed benefit from the firmware upgrade such as the c140?

The Sansa Firmware Updater does not upgrade the Sansa c100 series.

Do you know what firmware I can use on a c100?  Because this was my birthday present and its already screwed up…can u help me ou here?


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I successfully installed the firmware updater, but whenever I plug my e260 in, I get the error:

Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x7626023C 0x82F3DB4C 0x7626023C 0x7626023C
Cancel - Try Again - Continue

and no firmware update happens.  I am running Vista Home Premium.  Is anybody else having problems?  Also, what is the current version?

I am thinking I need to install new firmware since I am having freezes when trying to download DVDs to the player.  It will get 100% throught the convert file process and then hang forever.

Any help is appreciated.


Di you try to click Continue or Try again?


I have Sansa c140 1GB MP3 player but unfortunately the firmware got screwed up and now screen is always blank.  This has caused player to stop playing any songs.

Please help me to update the firmware or send me the link from where I can download the firmware so that I can use it efficiently.  Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Work2fish… I’m running Vista Ultimate, and ran into the same issue… I sent it through to support, but no action has ever come from it.  It worked before the Windows updates that I downloaded on 1/11/2008, but not after… I’ve been too lazy to figure out which update it was to roll it back to get the updater functionality back.  It’s really in Sandisk’s court to fix this issue…

Here’s my original post to support:

Hi there… after updating my computer (Vista 32-bit Ultimate) with the latest Microsoft Updates (dated 1/11/2008), my Sansa Updater no longer functions correctly when I plug the e280 into my PC. I get a windows error dialog box that reads:

Windows - No Disk
Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x75C6023C 0x83C3A87C 0x75C6023C 0x75C6023C
Cancel – Try Again – Continue

Try again simply brings this same dialog box back up. Continue makes it go away, however, the Sansa Updater icon never shows in my task tray any longer.

I can still view the folder structure of the e280 under Windows Explorer… so this is basically limited to the Updater program breaking after the Windows Updates were installed. Please let me know if you have any updates/patches that fixes this issue. Thank you!

I get that message too and I’m running XP still.  Continue makes it shift but I still get the sansa updater icon.  However I now suddenly can’t get any new music across onto it (E280) and I can’t get the new firmware to download.  Grrr!


I do not have success with this Firmware Updater,
can I also use the Updater for “Digital Audio Player V2”?

I have a sansa e2XXv2.

Is there an address where I can download the firmware files
without this updater?

 Is it true that the most actual firmware is at the moment (Apr-2008)
is " 03.02.05H "?

With the firmware 3.01.14E I had prop out problems and my first idea
was: The player is damaged , but now with firmware 3.01.16E the
drop outs are gone.

Now I’m interested to install the most recent firmware.
Is there perhaps a hidden option like /x for extract or something
Kind regards,


The answer to my question is:

no, don’t use this firmware

But you can copy the firmware binary file

to the root directory of your player

(in the UMS or MSC mode).

If your firmware is old, there is no

menu entry, to select the USB-connect

mode, the newer versions have the





If this is the case you can use a trick,

discribed in the forum:

(I’m sorry I have not fond the post, but I can remeber that

you can change to MSC mode also on older sansa e200)

After a reboot, you should have the new firmware

on your device.