No valid device error when trying to uodate firmware

I’m trying to help my brother out with issues he’s been having transferring files to a c250 (pink) device that he bought and was trying to follow some instructions on the Sansadisk e250 help forum regarding updating the firmware to 1.0.12 (the device currently is currently at 1.0.0). I reformatted the system and tried to run the firmware update software, but it comes back saying there is no valid device recognized. I tried changing the USB setting to MSC and connecting the device directly to the USB port, then turning the device off and then on again, but the error persists. Can you help me get past this so that I can get the latest firmware on the device so I can move on to the playlist and file transfer issues? Thanks for any assistance!

Alan D.

the files for 12a are only for the e200, not the c200. Its not going to work like that. If you want to update firmware, your going to have to use the Sansa Firmware Updater, located on the downloads section of the SanDisk website.

You dont need to update in order to transfer songs/playlist. Just in general at least.

After it is installed, the Firmware Updater program works when you plug in your player to your PC in MSC mode (with internet connection active).  If there is a later version of firmware available, it will tell you.  You can’t trigger it yourself.

Also, if your firmware on the c250 is 01.01.00(any letter), then you have the latest version and do not need to update.