Second Dead c150

I received a ‘Plz sync device to listen tracks’ message on my c150 a few days ago. When I tried to sync with Yahoo Music Jukebox, YMJ would display ‘Updating linsences devise’ for about 5-10 minutes, then it would hang when I tried to sync it. I tried this three times, removing the battery from the device and rebooting my PC each time.

Finally I tried an ‘Erase Device’, and after about 15 minutes I got an error message saying the erase had failed. The player still displayed ‘Formatting – do not remove USB cable’ even after wuitting YMJ. After another 15 mintues I finally disconnected the player, and when I turned it back on I get icons but no text. I am unable to do anything with the player, including putting it in MSC mode to reformat it.

I contacted Tech Support, and after a number of exchanges they finally sent me a v1.0.005a FW upgrade executable.  Unfortunately this did not work (I get ‘Update failed’),  It’s possible this didn’t work because I have a 2.0 device.

This is the second time my c150 has failed.  Sandisk replaced the first player under warranty 2 months ago, but the support rep is telling me he won’t replace the player again because it’s been more than a year since the original purchase.

Reading the posts on this forum, it’s clear that the c100 has a long history of hangs and failures, likely as a result of a FW bug.  I have been a loyal customer of Sandisk, buying and recommending many of your products, and I’d like that to continue.  Is there anything you can do to keep me as a loyal customer?



Message Edited by stestardi on 11-25-2007 06:27 PM

I heard from the RMA department that they will replace my C150 despite it being 2 months out of warranty, and they’re covering the cost of shipping both ways.  Now _ that’s _ the kind of customer service I expect from SanDisk.  I must have just been dealing with a cranky first-level support agent somewhere in India.

Thank you, SanDisk!  To show my appreciation, I went out and purchased a brand-new View.