Sans View 16GB not recognized by windows 7 or Rhapsody.

About 4years ago I bought a Sansa View and it worked perfectly with Windows XP and Rhapsody.My XP crashed and recently I bought another Dell but it has Widows 7.My View was not being recognized so I thought it was not comparable with Win. 7.I then purchased a Sansa Clip+ which is recognized by my computer but does not let me download subscription tracks from Rhapsody.Can someone help me?

WITH THE SANSA VIEW (if you stilll have it)

Go on your computer, with the view connected, and right click where it says ‘Computer’ and click manage. You will see most likely an icon with an yellow exclamation poiny next to it. Should say something like MTP… right click that device and change the driver to USB Mass storage device. Ill go on my computer later this evening and tell you exactly how to do this last action. But I swear it works with the view… the Clip is another story Ill try to fix you up. Will reply again in an hour or so.


I had the same problem after our computer was stolen.  The new operating system is Windows 7, while the former OS was Windows XP (SP 2). The Sansa would say that it was connected and would charge from the computer, but the computer would not recognize the device and I couldn’t transfer music from the computer to my Sansa.

I tried several things in order to get my computer to recognize the device, including downloading new firmware and changing the cable that linked the computer to the Sansa, but nothing worked.  Then, on a whim, I went into the settings screen of my Sansa and changed the USB mode from AutoDetect to MSC.  Voila! It has worked perfectly ever since.  I spent hours trying to transfer my music and the solution was so simple.

Hope this helps.