Sandisk USb sticks are pieces of **bleep**.

What should be a very simple task has cost me four hours. I bought 3 16GB cruziers and I cannot get any of them to format and or mount. I have tried windows and linux to no avail. Needless, to say this will be the last time I ever purchase anything from sandisk. These a true pieces of **bleep**.

Unless you bought them used there is no need to format them.  They are formatted by the factory and are ready to use.

I am having a problem like this other user, howere the stick worked fine when I downloaded a library of photos to it, but will not let me get back in to it. The woarning is that the disk needs to be formatted, but can not be formatted. The stick also becomes very hot very quickly. I have used scandisk for a long time and will chalk this up to a badk disk coming out of the factory.

Now one of my scandisk SD cards will not let me copy to it. It keeps saying that it is write protected. I have tried all the measures to unprotect it, but nothing woks. I have used this SD card a few times without an issue prior to this.

And ideas?

Thank you