SanDisk Ultra + firmware update does not work for Apple Macintosh.

Hi to all,

I have a Macintosh (MacMini mid 2011 corei5/amd radeon) and Firmware Update does not work.

I followed to the letter the information in the following link:

When I chose to start on the CD (in Flash) I have a linux boot line but then nothing happens. This is fixed. After 15 minutes still nothing is ever frozen.

There is a problem with the linux does not seem to be compatible with my version of Mac.

I opened a ticket waiting for a response but maybe someone has a solution?

Thank you.

a few others have reported similar issues. basically there is no solution. you will need to move the ssd to a different PC and update it from there the n just put it back in the Mac and you should be good to go. 

Sorry but this answer does not suit me.

Before buying I contacted Sandisk whether the SSD was Macintosh compatible.

I got a positive response.

And now I notice that it does not work you say you need a PC with Windows!

You lie to your customers so I will reclaim my SSD and go to a competitor.

I’m really angry!

Edit :

For you to change your software update to make it work on all Macintosh.

OCZ does well … Intel does well … and you have you back, tell your customers to connect a Windows … this is what we call the customer services Sandisk I suppose?

And why do not you indicate on your site that does not work on Macintosh??

First, no one said you need a PC running windows. When I referred top “PC” I was referring to some other computer where you will not run into this compatibility issue. This could be any number of Desk top or Laptop computers either MAC or PC based. You will not be booting into the OS so the OS is irrelevant. 

Second, you can like the response or not it really does not matter. You ask for a solution and I gave you the work around. The SSD does work with your MAC. The update tool is not compatible with your specific version of MAC. Sometimes this type of thing occurs.

You can wait on sandisk to release a new version of the updater which, from other reports here, will not likely be released until late this year or you can move the SSD to a different computer, update the FW, put it back in your MAC and be done with it. It is really simple as that. You can wait until a fix is release which we have seen no estimated date for or you can use the work around.

I have to arrange for a refund.
I do not want to hear from Sandisk. Never.