Firmware update does not work (Apple Mac Mini)


On a Core2Duo MacMini (mi-2010) with SuperDrive version MacMini4,1. The update via CDROM does nothing.
I boot it but I did the prompt and nothing else.

This is a 128GB ultra+
SanDisk Ultra SSD + 128GB SDSSDHP

Here is the link:

He bug there somewhere?

Thank you for your help

Did you press and hold the “C” key when booting to force the mac to boot from the CD?

what FW version is currently on the SSD?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes of course. I pressed the button C. And I have started on the CDROM!
I get the boot linux update. When I do a ls I can see the files on the disk (grldr.mbr and menu.lst  … etc) … but nothing starts.

SanDisk SDSSDH2128G

The MacMini is SATA II
AHCI Version 1.30 Supported