When does SanDisk support firmware update for mac?

please tell us the date. dont say no plans for mac

You can use the manual firmware update posted at the top of this board on MAC. If you have a MAC mini there is no FW update that will work and you will have to move the SSD to a different machine to update the FW. 

You know moving the SSD for mac mini is very dangerous.if you were me and you had successfully replaced with the SSD for your latest mac mini, will you do that again? I don’t know whether other brands have the same issue or not. If they have and you can solve it, it must be a big win for your company. Of course I must introduce the same product to my friends. If not or your company has no plans for this issue, I will not use this brand anymore.

Moving the SSD is not dangerous. The update tool is not compatible with the hardware of the mac mini so the only solution is to move it to a different computer and use that to upgrade. No need to reinstall anything. Just create the boot disk move the SSD to a different computer and use the boot disk to upgrade the FW. Nothing about that is “dangerous” 

I have no superdrive in my imac.  Can I run the firmware update from a USB stick or external superdrive (USB connected)?


you can but you will need to find a third party program that can create a bootable USB drive from the ISO.

Can you recommend a 3rd party program?

I have tried multiple versions of this terminal work around but I cannot get the USB to boot.


many thanks