Firmware Update with BootCamp

I read other topics and I can see that the update does not work with Sandisk every Mac. (Of course this information is not on the page update ...) My question is this: is that the update would work with BootCamp and Windows 7? thank you

the only issues I ahve seen are with some MAC Mini computers. If you dont have a MAC mini you should be good to go. 

thank you for the answer.

I have a MacMini … coreI5

you will probably have issues with the FW update. you can connect the SSD to a different computer and update from there then put the SSD in the Mac Mini. 

I do not have another computer.
Even with bootcamp it will not work?

I do not really understand the problem with the MacMini. Yet it is now like any other PC (Intel)

It has nothing to do with the software or OS you are running. To update the FW on the SSD you have to create a boot CD or USB drive and boot into a Linux kernel that contains the FW update utility. The Sandforce controller used in the SSD does not support online FW update so you MUST use boot media.

The issue with Mac mini is that the Linux kernel used in the boot media for the FW update tool does not have the right drivers for the hardware in the Mac mini. Since it does not have the right hardware drivers the Linux kernel containing the FW update tool will never load on the Mac mini. This is a hardware compatibility issue. Nothing can be done aside from updating on different hardware. 

Thank you.

So you need to update your Linux kernel to make it work with MacMini. I understand.
It is expected soon?

To return to bootcamp. It starts with Windows natively. Using SanDisk SSD Tool kit that also does not work?

By cons I thought was a more SSD ultra Marvell controller. Maybe I’m wrong?

i have not seen any work that the linux kernel will be updated to resolve the issue. Like I said before you will need to move the SSD to a different computer to update the FW. nothing else can really be done. 

Unfortunately on another computer that is not possible.

Anyway it surprise me that nothing works in Windows with Bootcamp.

like i sad before this is not a an issue with OS this is a hardware incompatiblity. 

OK I understand.

I hope there will be an update for this hardware.