sandisk secure access - can't access ultra backup 64GB drive


I recently got a sandisk ultra backup 64GB drive, and downloaded theRunSanDiskSecureAccess-Win.exe software I downloaded from this site. I initially set up the secure access application running it from the flash drive and entering password info as instructed. It seems that I almost immediately broke the software/drive, I believe by improperly removing it.

1- Currently when ever I insert the drive it takes forever to be recognized, but once it is recognized and I double click on it all I get is a popup window stating “k:\ Application not found.”

2- When I look at the properties it says the dive has o bytes of both used space and available space.

3- When I look at it in Disk Management it is seen as a removable disk with “No Media.”

 Nothing I try seems to have any effect on the drive, and I am not sure what to do. At this point I would appreciate any help on how I could just get the disk back to the original functioning state I started with.



if it reports no media it probably cant be recovered and you would need to contact sandisk for warranty support. if you can get it to detect as a drive you can try formatting it but if that does not work you would need to contact sandisk support. 

Ok so Now I can see an unallocated partition under Disk management, but when I try and format it I get a popup window with the error message of “The system cannot find the file specified.”

Does it still look like my only option is to return the drive?

If it does how common are problems like this when making mistakes like improper removal of the flash drive while using the secure access software?

I don’t have that nearly as much of an issue with reformatting a drive and and restoring the data from my own backup as I do with having to return the drive for a replacement every time I make a stupid mistake.



if you see unallocated see if it will let you create new partition and then format it. 

these issues are pretty rare and can usually be avoided by ensureing you are not writing to the drive when you disconnect it.