USB drive now not found by file explorer

I have a brand-new Sandisk 64 GB Ultra thumb drive.

When I plug this thumb drive into a USB port on my Windows 10 computer, the LED on it lights up, the control panel recognizes the drive as “Ultra Backup”, but File Explorer does not recognize it.  File Explorer on my Windows XP machine also does not recognize the drive.  That tells me this is NOT a registry problem.  Other thumb drives I have work fine, so I think this is probably not a driver problem (contrary to what a Sandisk tech support person told me).

This problem began when I started to do a system backup.  I inserted the drive into the machine and it showed up as I:.

I started RECOVERY, then at some point clicked CANCEL on the window that opened.

I then used “Safely remove hardware and eject media” to remove the drive.

But when I next inserted the drive, I found the problem I described.

When I click HARDWARE AND SOUND in control panel, the device shows up as “Ultra Backup”.  When I right click that icon, then click PROPERTIES, I get a box that says “Ultra Backup Properties”.  The info in that box says “Manufacturer unavailable”, and shows the model as “Ultra Backup”.  The Hardware tab in this box says the device is working normally.  

My guess about this problem is that somehow, software has managed to corrupt the drive in a particularly sneaky, difficult way.  

Can anyone make a guess (or provide actual diagnosis) about what’s going on here?

the partition may be corrupted. go to disk management and see what it says about the partition and file system. you can try deleting the partition from there and recreating it then format the drive and assign a drive letter. 

if that does not help you could use the diskpart - clean command from the command line.