Recovering Data from SanDisk Ultra 32Gb

My Sandisk Ultra 32GB has stopped functioning entirely. When plugged into a PC (any PC) it is not recognised at all, there is no pop up saying that there is an error the computer simply does not react to it’s presence. The USB ports on the computers that were used have been tested with other USB sticks and work fine, it is definitely the problem with the stick itself. All drivers are up to date and every suggestion on the help page has been exhausted.

I urgently need to recover the data from this drive, please let me know how to do this. Recovery software isn’t working as the software can’t find the USB.

Does the flash drive show up when you open a Disk Management window?

No, not on any of the computers I’ve tried it on.

Just to check, we are talking about a Disk Management window, not a Windows Explorer window?

If it shows in the Disk Management window but not a Windows Explorer window it may need to have a drive letter manually set for it.  Window is notorious for loosing drive letters for removable devices. 

If the drive does indeed not show in a Disk Management window it may be dead.  But if the files are truly important I would look for a local pc tech shop and see if they can help. 

A wild guess approach you could try is to gently clean the contacts with emory paper.  But the odds are slim it will fix the problem.  If it does immediately backup the files before removing the drive.