Sandisk Ultra usb 3.0 - not detected on my computer

Hi, I’m really desperate! I bought a Sandisk Ultra usb 3.0 few months ago.  I put important data on it.  Today, I use it, remove it, restart my computer and try to put it back in but this time the usb memory stick in not detected. No sound in Window 10 when inserted.  I try on other computers It’s the same; no drive is assigned because it’s not detected, not recognized.  I tried another  Sandisk Ultra usb 3.0 memory stick (I bought a bundle of three) on my computer and there is no problem. 

So what can I do to recover my data on a non detected memory stick?  Is my memory stick corrupted or is it a physical problem (did’t drop it or break it)?  What kind of test should I try? I would really appreciate your help.  The date represents a lot to me.  Thanks.  

if it is not detected by multiple computers there is not really anything you can do other than send it to a company that provides data recovery services. 

If the data is important to you you should always have a backup. Do you have a backup of the data anywhere else?

Thanks for the answer. Since then, I discovered that the usb port of my laptop has defect and it’s probably the cause of the internal break of the memory stick.  I have no recent backup, but I have an old one.  I decided not to send the usb key to a recovery service… really expensive and it can take months.  

I bought a SanDisk Ultra 256 GB 3.0 flash drive which worked the first time I used it (I put important files on it) but now it doesn’t appear on my PC (Dell XPS 8500 with Windows 10). It’s plugged directly into a rear 3.0 port. All 3.0 and 2.0 ports work. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it in another computer. I’ve looked in disk drives, DVD/CD - ROM drives and USB root controllers, all of which are working. I’ve also uninstalled/reinstalled the USB Root Hub (3.0) and updated the drives for Windows 10 from Microsoft. It’s set so that the computer won’t turn off the ports to save power. All of my other flash drives work properly. I don’t understand why it appeared and worked fine the first time but now it doesn’t. Please advise. Thanks.