Sandisk ultra USB 3.0 32 Gb stopped working

Hi I Have a Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 32Gb Stick that stopped working. I had lots of work stuff in there.

When I plug it in iI can hear the Win7 sound that indicates a USB device is in but there is no Disk assigned. In Computer Management-> Device Management-> Disk Drives I can see the Entry “Sandisk Ultra USB Device”

I do not care about the content since it’s gone. Is there any way that I can format the device and start reusing it as normal?

I tried with diskpart but …of course no disk is mounted.




in that case you can check if the same happens on another computer to see if the drive is detected normally there, if not then you are sure that the drive is defective and needs to be replaced. 

you can replace the drive under the following link

Windows is notorious for assigning the same drive letter to different USB drives which can result in drives loosing their original assignments.  If the USB drive appears in Disk Management see if you can manually assign a different drive letter to it.

Sometimes rebooting and then inserting the USB drive helps also.