SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 player - spoiled a little girls Christmas!

It just does NOT work  Won’t power on.  A known fault apparently but you go on selling faulty goods!  I’m disgusted and very dissapointed!!

Connected to a computer it shows ‘connected’ and appears fully charged - just will not switch on - so I can NOT update the firmware.  I am really furious about this - not just about the fact it did not work out of the box but the fact that this fault is known and you still allow it to be sold.  I look forward to your reply!!

I got mine today and it will not work. Same problem you are having please post again if you have figured it out

Both of you may be able to solve your problem with a simple device reset. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds. After you release the button, press it again briefly (1-2 seconds) and if all is well, it should power on.

Thanks for your message - unfortunately - that does nothing.  I tried re-setting all day yesterday to no effect. I followed your instructions to the letter - nothing.  Thanks for trying.

I have had good units go black for a short while.  I say good be cause they were good before and they are still being used.  Connect the Fuse+ plus to a computer and wait.  In my cases they I have seen life on on the screen in about 5 minutes.   After 20 minutes and no signs of life, you should disconnect , 30 second reset, and reconnect for 5 minutes.  If this does now work take it back to the store.   Try the next unit in the parking lot.  This will get Chistmas back on track. You can also call Sandisk and wait for a replacement unit in the mail.:flushed:.

I found two bad 8 gig units on the same day.  I purchased two units that day and they have both been working great since February or March.  My kids are very happy with these unists. There are some failures like this with all electronics.  It would be nice to know the actual percentage SanDisk is seeing with the product. relative to the original Fuse.      

Thanks for your message.  I think I have given up on this rubbish - I have ordered a Sony from another supplier and will send this one back to the store when they re-open on 3rd January.  I use Sandisk products in all my digital cameras - so I thought this would be a product I could rely on - how wrong can you be!!  I see no reason why a product with known faults like this should be on the market - quite ludicrous.

This joy turned to almost tears 10 minutes later when the unit failed to turn on.  Just buying another player doesn’t change that.

I do understand.  We have 6 units-- two for me.  I opened every one before Christmas or giving them  as a gifts.  On the day I purchased my last two, I found one with  a bad on/off switch the another  was not charged.   The second unit most likely would have recovered OK.  I had driven 15 miles and did not want to take any chances.  There should be instant joy in the parking lot.   

Good luck with  your Sony.     

Exactly - why should we have this trauma with a new product?  I use Sandisk cards day in and out professionally - I am very dissapointed at this.