SanDisk not working help!

I’ve always used SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD prior to this and suddenly this morning the SSD doesn’t show up on my laptop. I’ve only used the SSD for 2 months and I’ve always left my external SSD connected to my laptop. There are no signs of anything wrong the previous days that I’ve used it and also no damage done externally.

When I plugged the SSD in, it will show up in the device manager. I tried the advice to uninstall it and restart and it didn’t work. When I open disk management, the SSD will show up but it says ‘no media’ and there’s no partition at all. Can anyone help? I can’t believe it’s dead cause I’ve only used it for 2 months.

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Hi. I have EXACTLY the same problem, although I’ve had mine for about 12 months. Suddenly this week, Wednesday in fact, it’s not showing up on my pc. It’s there in the device manager, but as you say “no media”.