SanDisk Extreme SSD just died for no reason? Still detected (noise) when I plug it in. Help

So I bought the SANDISK EXTREME external SSD (500GB).

Supposedly resistant to shock, water, etc.
Barely used for 6 months. Stored it properly, never left office so zero damage.

All of the sudden, when I plug it in, instead of the file browser opening (with my files on drive), nothing happens. Interestingly:

  • I get the “windows sound” that USB detected that I plugged in the drive, in addition to the option in taskbar to “safely remove drive”.
  • Drive shows up in device manager.
  • Drive shows up in “devices & printers” system page.


  • Drive doesn’t show in “removable media E:” in disk management.
  • Drive doesn’t show in ThisPC where it should show.

Tested on another PC and its same thing. Makes the “you plugged in something” sound, but drive just isn’t there.

Is the drive dead for no good reason? Seriously if it is, it’s the last time I’m ever buying SanDisk. I feel like I got cheated. Spent over 100EUR on this and all data might me lost.

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Hi @investor777,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you.
Since I ordered from Amazon, I am getting a replacement.
However it does leave a bitter taste about the reliability of these disks.

Will try to contact technical support in the hope I can still get my files back.

I think the same as you.

Reliability 0.

I have spent a lot of money and in less than 6 months, I have lost my data.

The exact same thing happened to me. I can’t add anything.

Same thing here, my SanDisk Extreme V2 1TB External SSD just died on me yesterday after just under 5 months of use.
The SSD is not detectable by my Macbook Air at all, is detected by Windows but doesn’t show in ‘This PC / removable media E:’ just as described above.
The customer support merely suggested requesting a replacement, seemingly without looking into the details of the issue at all.

Same here but the 2TB. I would be happy with a refund and never buy this brand again. However, I trusted SanDisk to hold all of my accumulated stock footage that I have spent a ton of money on. I had just “temporarily” removed my footage from my iCloud back-up to make room for a HUGE client shared folder. I am more than screwed here. Today I will be moving all of my current FCP and Resolve client project files off the 1TB extreme I am currently trusting with those. I REALLY want my money back and an apology.

Same issue! Has anyone been able to find a workaround or retrieve data?

3 SanDisk Extreme Protable SSD 500GB, all not working, barely used… they are supposed to be ultra durable, but i think it is the opposite as per experience. How can we get a replacement for this defective products?

Signed up just to say that this was the last time I will buy any storage from this brand.
Went out of my way and bought the 1TB Sandisk ExtremePortable SSD backed up my PC and moved to a new one… left some data there to complete the migration some other time and next time I try to access the drive…no media available. Used maybe accessed it maybe 3-4 times and used less than 10% of its total capacity.

Well its not just about losing my data… I feel ripped off especially when trying to look for solutions I find numerous people having the exact same problem.

This should be taken out of the market so no more people fall for this.

Thank you.

I have two of these with the exact same issue as reported by OTP.

The first time, it magically came back alive after I left in outside in temperature of around 2 degrees celcius and since then it has been fine.

My second one failed this evening in the exact same way. I believe the data is still intact on these devices but the logical drive is not mounting correctly. So anyone that has one I imagine with previous not backed up data could relatively easily retrieve the data by using a device twin to transplant the memory chip (although it looks a bit fiddly).

It’s like they are asleep and need to wake it up somehow. Anyway tried the temperature trick for the second one and after freezing it to 0 degrees, no change. I am leaving it plugged in and doing regular restarts to see if it comes back to life as well.

Tried all the recommended troubleshooting suggestions with no outcome.

Like others, have moved on to other options and cannot recommend these drives at all.

Same problem, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to solve it. Have lost so much data, so many precious videos and photos, as well as thousands of files. Am devastated, as I trusted ScanDisk, thought they produced decent items, but they must know there’s a design fault here as, looking online, loads of people have had the same issue with no real response from ScanDisk apart from suggestions that don’t work. Will never buy a ScanDisk product again, as they obviously don’t give a dam about their customers, who trust them with their data only to lose it. Mine is still under warranty, and these drives are not cheap, but do I really want a replacement when their products last only a short while and will leave you with no access to all your data? I have lost so much, and so wish someone had a solution to this issue, as I feel bereft.

I have the same problem

I can understand the frustration that is being spread around failed devices but keep in mind that any data storage and I mean ANY can fail. It is not Sandisk’s fault, owner of data is responsible for having a backup. If device failed, I am sure Sandisk will send you a new one under warranty if it is covered (but not the data). Keep all eggs in one basket :slight_smile: or so they say
Here is the solution for data recovery on them anyway:
sandisk Extreme portable SSD stopped working.PNG

Using EaseUS Data Recovery SanDisk Extreme SSD Failure: Tips to Prevent from Further Damage can help recover data from a SanDisk Extreme SSD that has unexpectedly stopped working but is still detected and making noise when connected, allowing you to retrieve your important files despite the drive failure.