SanDisk Extreme V2 1TB External SSD stopped working

My SanDisk Extreme V2 1TB External SSD died on me yesterday after less than 5 months of use.
The Macbook flashed an unsafely removed media warning as I was working, and the drive would not mount ever after.
There was no active process using the drive at the time, but it may have been used by a background process.
The SSD is not detectable by any Mac that I have tried connecting it to (i.e. it does not show as a device in the Mac Disk Utility).
It is still detected when connected to a Windows laptop and can be seen in the device manager, but doesn’t show in Windows Explorer or as ‘disk E:’.
The customer support merely suggested requesting a replacement drive, without attempting to look into the details of the issue.

It looks like my case is not the only one of the kind, could anyone have found a solution to this issue?

Hi @petr,

To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions from the below-mentioned link and let us know if the issue is resolved.

Title: SSD drive is not detected in the system

For Windows: USB Flash Drive or Memory Card Not Detected in Windows
For Mac: USB Flash Drive or Memory Card Not Detected in macOS

Hello, I have the same problem. It works ok, when I turn the USB-C cable around to switch ends - but then the speed is super slow (See this thread: Extremely slow).

It also stoped working/starting doing this after the latest MacOS update to Monterey (Similar report here: Unable to format Extreme Portable SSD V2 on MacOS Monterey)

@Keerti_01 : It is written there that SanDisk is working on it - is this still the case?

Otherwise I need to return it. Thanks.


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hello. I am facing a similar issue. It was working fine the day before but when I tried to use it the next day it is not opening/ showing up on any devices. If you find the solution please kindly reply.
Thank You.

Sometimes the solution to these things is hallucinatory you take out and return or replace a USB port and it works.
Turn off and on the computer or connect it to another computer.
If a conference still does not work, this link has guides or the SANDISK service at

Hope for you that no data has been deleted for you