SanDisk iXpand drive is junk

I bought this SanDisk iXpand drive go and it doesn’t work. It has plenty of storage available. I keep updating the app when iPhone prompts me to. Tried updating the iPhone with current stuff as well and still same issue. Only got it work a few times, now it just like times out, reboots and it acts like it doesn’t recognize the device is plugged in to the phone. I’ll power down the phone and turn it back on, tried closing the app then reopened it. Still same ■■■■. It takes 15 minutes for it to load since I have thousands of pictures on my phone. I selected a smaller amount to transfer like 500 pictures. It’ll start trying to transfer or it’ll pause then it reboots on its own. I’m so tired of wasting my time on this. Why do you need an app to transfer a ■■■■ file? Plug in the device and tell your phone to transfer it to the flash drive.