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Dear Sirs, 

As wonderful as the SanDisk iXpand 3.0 theoretically is, I have almost never been able to get it to work in the way it is supposed to - ie, plug it in, the Sandisk Drive app opens, and the backup of photos and videos begins. Almost every time I (try to) use it, I have to cycle through the numbered troubleshooting steps offered by the app - a year ago when I first bought it, I could only get it to work by deleting and redownloading the app,  and then restarting the phone. What surprises me is that 12 months, and several updates to the app later, I still had to go through deleting then redownloading then restarting, but now not only does that not work any more, it results in a strange new bug - at the top right hand corner of the screen [where the small thumbnails are shown as they are backed up] the thumbnails speed fast very rapidly and the red progress bar is stuck, either at the beginning or the end, and then after a while a variation of the screen attached below appears. I didn’t keep the receipt, because I didn’t think a USB stick could go this far wrong, and therefore I am not eligible for a replacement unit, even though the device is still in warranty. So I’d be exceptionally grateful if anyone has an ideas how to fix this, because if not, I’m stuck with a £40 ($50) 32GB USB stick - and since the store where I bought it sells a 64 GB ordinary USB stick for £16 ($20) ,  that is more than a little bit annoying. 

Update : I just randomly tried it again, and it’s randomly working (for now), but I still be very grateful for any hints because 8 times out of 10 something mysteriously wrong and I have no idea how to make it right again. 

Problem Screen.PNG

App version is 5.03

iOS version is 11.4

iPhone model is 6 

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5.0.3 was just recently released (last week IIRC) did it start working again after the 5.0.3 update? If you see issues again contact sandisk support and submit logs from the app. they should be able to assist with debugging. 

you do not need the receipt for warranty. If you contact support they can verify the authenticity and if it is still under warranty they should be able to replace it.