App restart while backup


When I plug my Ixpand on my Ipad Pro or my Iphone 6 the app and backup starts, after a fews seconds and less than 10 files copied, the apps restarts try to backup again and restarts etc… Is it a known issue ? How can I solve It ?


This could be a memory resource issue. Try double tapping the home button and force closing all other apps by swiping them up. If that does not help, does the restart happen when it is trying to backup a particular file? If so the issue could be with that particular file. If you do ot know you may need to contact sandisk support and provide them the logs so they can review. 

This nothing but some minor bugs on your phone or you can say iPhone, this might be gone by the time next update arrives. Or better till then you can force stop the application from application manager background in your present iOS devices, and I guess that might help.

With Regards,

Protar Smith

My App is doing the same thing. Did you find anything that helped?