constant app crashes during second backup

I purchased the 256 base unit on clearance from Fry’s they had dozens of them!

That should have been my first RED flag this was new in box seal never opened always check web for reviews folks.


After initial backup (which I now don’t trust) this thing hasn’t worked a second time.

I’ve read this now dozen of time on reviews across the web amazon etc.

It can’t stay connected to base or the app crashes constantly making the unusable for the purpose it was designed for. Any followup on forum are fluff IMO no ownership from company of the known problems. it must be the customer very easy to see that occuring second red flag,


Further its clear they are already giving up by lack of addressing what they surely know is a problem with software on iOS. I had high hopes but expect to return mine today. not ready for real world usage on loaded phones it can’t handle the job it was built for.


It doesn’t play nicely after initial backup it doesn’t stay working before crashing and I frankly don’t trust the data it wrote to the SD card. I’ve ran this thing thru multiple phones clean image to stress it and its just can’t handle larger data sets without crashing the app during the scan for it to figure out the deltas. It like they only showed management sample usage with tiny amounts of files.


Also it creates doesn’t do what it says I found it waste space using whole new backups folders that contain all of contacts again instead of just containing the deltas really shows the lack of design put into development this simply isn’t ready for market.

I’m contacting several YouTube channel reviewers and ask for review of product to expose the short coming on film to allow consumers to make informed decision before purchasing.


my use is iPhone 7 256GB

50+ GB of photos and another 150+ GB of video all downloaded on iPhone