iXpand 32gb transfer/backup


Omg, I’ve now spent two days trying to backup just my photos on my iPhone 6 (16gb). There is only about 4gb of photos but it either:

  1. Doesn’t recognize the iXpand
  2. Transfers a few files, then crashes
  3. Crashes before any files are transferred

Yes, I have updated to the latest iXpand firmware and I’m running iOS 11.2.2.

This is SOOOOO frustrating!

Not happy.

i have heard of similar issues sometimes when icloud photo library is turned on. Do you have that turned on? you can check in the iOS settings. 

if not it could possibly be related to the files. I would recommend reaching out to sandisk support directly.  there are logs you can get that sandisk support should be able to review and see what may be causing the issue.