IXpand backup hangs up

I am trying to back up my iPhone 6 photos using my new iXpand 64G 3.0 USB drive…  the app loads, everything seems to be working… when I request ‘backup’ the process appears to start, then just hangs up.  I have about 3300 photos so I’m anxious to be able to back them up.  The ‘copy files’ option seems to be working, but the backup (which hopefully recognizes new files) just hangs up.  Thanks.

You might not have enough free memory space on your phone to handle the transfer all at once. You may have to manually transfer over a few at a time. Once all are copied to the drive and you eliminate the duplicates on your phone, it should back-up the new ones automatically in the future.


I have an iPhone 11 Pro and I’ve been having the same issue.
I have unplugged/restarted the app/restarted the device numerous times without luck.
Sometimes it hangs after 1 item, sometimes after 15.
I have less than 50% of space in use on my iPhone, so that can’t be the issue.
The progress is just stuck and hanging while the app is still responsive.
This looks to be like a bug/“automatic pause/stop feature” that is not nice.
When restarting the app and replugging the device it continues the backup and it decreases the count with the amount it has progressed prior to the hang.

Please advise.