ixpand 64gb, iPhone 6plus - Backup in progess, scanning for new items bar never goes away

Just purchased this, like the idea of being able to free up space on my 16gb iphone 6plus. Connected it up this morning, went through the tutlrial, it says it is currently backing up the phots. However, it has been at this disply screen for the past 2 hours. I only have 2gb of photos, no videos. 

When should this display change to completed or finished? How do I know when it has completed the backup?

I do not want to corrupt anything by closing the app/removing the device?

None of this is covered in the manual!!!

IOS V 11.0.3



2GB of pictures should not take more than 2 hours unless the pictures are actually on iCloud. if in your native photos app you see All pictures instead of camera roll you have icloud photo library turned on. If this is the case the pictures may actually be stored on icloud and only thumbnails are stored locally on your phone. In this case the pictures have to be down loaded from icloud before they are transferred and depending on the network speed this can be slow. 

you can also try a manual transfer and see if that is faster. choose copy pictures from iphone and do a select all and choose where you want to copy them. sometimes manual transfer may be faster than auto backup. 


Ok, that would make sense. Would have been nice to know that going in. If they are only thumbnails though, why would it consume more than 2gb on the phone storage? I know, not your problem, just did not know this. It finally finished the process and just went back to the menu screen. I have since made a copy as well as backup. now I just have to get up the nerve to actually delete the one on the phone to free up needed space.

Thanks again!


I guess your issue might have been solved by now, and if yes it has been solved you would mind sharing the results or way you solved it, because am planning to buy iPhone X 128GB variant and do the same you did.