SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Card not being read by card reader

I bought my first SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Card, 64GB, back in November 2017 to be used by my SoloShot3.  It worked fine…for awhile.  After my 3rd filming I placed the card into the adapter that it came with and then proceeded to put it in the card reader and then into my PC, which runs Windows 7.  Same steps I followed previously only this time I kept getting the message “please insert disk into drive E” and the green bar of forever showed up on the very top of my screen where it indicates the file location.  I try everything to get it to work, even a different card reader.  Thinking that I have lost my date, I purchase another card, same type, and film with it.  I follow the same steps and use the same card readers…same message and same green bar of forever.  I am at a loss…do these Cards need a different type of card reader?  Both card readers that I use a fully functional for all my other media.  Thanks for any advice and information.

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To fix your card not being read issue

1. Try to use SD Card on another device

Just in case, insert the SD card to other mobile device or connect it to other PC to see if it works. Usually, a new card will incompatible with your device for the first time.


2. Change the drive letter

1. Connect your SD card via a card reader to your computer. Right-click on My Computer/This PC and choose Manage.
2. Click Disk Management on the left. Right-click on your SD card and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.
3. Then select the right drive letter from the drop-down list. Click OK and then see if the SD card can be recognized now.

3. Enable memory card reader

The card reader is enabled by default in Windows 10, but we can manually disable and then enable it again. 
Step 1. Open Device Manager by right-clicking Start menu and selecting Device Manager from the menu list.
Step 2. Locate and expand the category “Memory technology devices” and double-click the card reader.
Step 3. On the popped-up window select the Driver tab and click the Disable button. Click Yes button.
Step 4. Double-click the card reader again to open the Properties window and click “Enable Device” this time.

4. Reinstall the drivers  
1. Right-click My Computer/ This PC. Click Manage.
2. Click Device Manager on the left side.
3. Double-Click Disk Drives in the list. Right-click on the name of your pen drive.
4. Click Uninstall. Click Ok.
5. Disconnect your storage media and restart your PC.
6. Connect your pen drive again. Your PC will detect it and install it.