SANDISK Extreme SDXC Card 64GB is not being read

I recently ordered a SD card but quickly realized that it does not work. At first I was using a card reader and attempted to use a different SD card. The other one worked with the card reader but the new one did not. I then plugged the memory card directly into a different laptop that has a built in reader.

In the other laptop the SD card was read. I then tried formatting it to no avail. The reason I bought it was to use it in my old 3ds but even putting it in there it does not work.

I tried many trouble shooting methods such as changing the driver name and connecting it to different laptops but it still does not connect to the card reader or the 3ds.

I should also mention that when I plug it in it appears in the device and printer in the control panel. It is labeled as a mass storage device. I have tried trouble shooting but it says that it is working perfectly.

Is there other thing that I can do or is it a defective card?

It seems that your SD card doesn’t have any problem. That would be either your computer USB port or the SD card reader. Could you please tell me whether you can see the SD card in the Disk Management of the first computer? Because your picture shows that the SD card is not recognized by the first computer. To solve the issue, you can try to change a different SD card reader and another USB port.