SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable Solid State Drive from Costco

I got a SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable Solid State Drive from Costco and I can’t register it because the SN don’t match what I’m trying to register has anyone ealse having this issue?

Yes, I have the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

I am having the same issue. Have not heard from support on email.

I purchased two of these from Costco and had the same problem. I contacted SanDisk support on 8/8 and received a response 2 days later. They said they had to update the S/N’s in their database. Once they did that I was able to register my drives.

I returned mine simply because there was not a serial number and it was supposed to be on the Box. Costco does not give a box.

Amazon’s San Disk Extreme Pro Portable SSD Model Number SDSSDE80-1T00 is what I purchased. The serial number is located [in the back of the Portable SSD. It’s so small, you need to take a picture of it, then magnify it.

I have the same issue. My SN is not recognized when I attempted to register. Also VERY hard to make out. And not sure if the SN has the letter O, or the number 0. Looks like an O. But I tried both, and neither worked.

Same problem here. I called Costco concierge today and they couldn’t help. Also there was a coupon for 2 year subscription of RescuePro, but the web registration only brought up 1 year. I will call company tomorrow when they open.

Same issue. Wish I had not made the impulse buy.

It’s not there. Return it and buy from Amazon.

Not there. Retrun it.