SSD Product code

Ok got me i have stuck every number into the registration box but alas its does not like any, does anybody know where the number may be: 

Sandisk 120GB Ultra SSD


Thank you

if you are trying to register the product the product code is the serial number on the drive lable. If the serial number does not work email sandisk support and they will help you out. 

Cheers will give them support an email, i tried every number visible and nothing, thanks for the help

Hi. Got any replies yet? Just a heads up, also check your junk/spam emails. Sometimes it get’s redirected there.

Hi mithcd

Yes got it sorted thank you, i put every number on the box in, then being a idiot i am, looked on the drive itself and got the correct info, so my poor old brain cell had to work… so feeling like and idiot 

Cheers, eskimo7