Tried to Register new Ultra II 240.... Invalid

Here we go again!!

I thiink the registration site needs a looking-into by SanDisk!

showing up as invalid product code again!

there isn’t anything anyone here can do to help register your drive. Contact sandisk support as suggested last time and they will take care of you. 

Well, seeing that I’m not the only person that has had this happen  (This is my 2nd SSD that failed registration…)

A little bad publicity might just get someone involved in fixing the problem…  Squeaky Wheel, so to speak!

Sometimes that is what gets things fixed, instead of sticking your head in the sand!

Sandisk support was contacted… I’m waiting the 2 days for the reply…

Thanks to Support  Individual Anni N.  It got the new 240GB Ultra II registered…

This is the unti that was bought to replace the Samsung 840 that slowed down over time…

It is faster in R/W than the 840 also…  Let’s hope it stays that way :)!

Thanks, Anni!

Another email with Anni indicates thatt she has informed the proper people who will look at the software at the registration site…

That will make for happier customers!!!

Having issues as well. Good to know I can call in to get it registered.