Can´t register my SSD


I wanted to register my SSD, but when I send the registrationform, it returns " Invalid Product Code for this product".

What can I do, or is another number than the serialnumber needed ?

Thanks in advance.



in that case it could be that the drive needs to be added manually into their system to check the warranty and authentication information of the drive. 

so i suggest sending a mail to sandisk direct so they can check it:

Thanks for your reply, I´ll try that.

Contact a SanDisk Support person… and Include a screen capture of the refusal…

I just had same thing hppen to me… It was an exchange SSD unit…

I contacted the support engineer I was working with, and included a screen capture so he knew what model and serial I was trying to register…

And he did the reistration for me, and I got an email thanking me for tegistering the product…

So I know that will work, because I had to do it too!!!

Good Luck

Thank you very much for your help. The support at “My SanDisk” registered the SSD manually for me.