SanDisk e200R

I can not format the unit to remove all music.  I tried to format with the computer and the Rhapsody program but that does not work.  Can the unit be formated from the unit to remove all music and if so how do you do it.

I tried to do the same and screwed up my memory .

I was able to fix with advanced measures but I think it is risky .

It involves going into "Diagnostic Mode " .

You should be able to “Delete”  with Windows OS .

That would be a SAFE way to remove some or all music .

If I were to remove music again , I would just “Delete” .

I almost ruined mine .■■■■■-recovery-mode-Tried-the-sansa-fmt-folder-but-doesn/m-p/216302/message-uid/216302/highlight/true#U216302