sandisk sansa e250 v2

O.K. here is the deal: I pluged in my sandisk-sansa e250 v2 into my computer. Worked fine.I couldn’t delete all the music on it , so i went into my computer and selected (sansa E250).  I went into the music folder and there wasn’t any music in there ,so, i figured if i selected all the files ,right clicked , then clicked delete i thought it would just reset it. BUT IT DELETED THE SOFTWARE IN IT. Now the screen on it is blue!!! I tryed the whole, soft reset key thing made it go to the sandisc screen, like it does that in start up.It doesn’t go into start up though…it stays ont he screen and goes half blank.

 Now i plug the san-disk sansa into the computer and it doesnt pop up as a drive.

HELP ME !!!how do i get  the memory back it doesnt eaven have the software to pute anything on it anymore…



You might want to try the same steps I recommended here.

If you like, you can add in FORMAT before loading the firmware. This is to clear out any corruption that might have happened on your mp3 player. Just make sure you have back up of any files you might still have inside the device (thats just if there are any).

How to format? Right after you do force MSC, the device will show up on your computer with a drive letter. Simply right-click on Sansa and select Format on the drop down.

Proceed with the rest of the steps after format.

Hope this helps. :wink: