E250R ...memory is shot but has no data...formatting no longer works

Help! Can only fit 12 songs on it now. Ridiculous

You’re going to have to give more details.

Ok…when I plug the mp3 into the computer via USB and access songs through rhapsody I usually delete the songs from the mp3 the memory opens up and then i add new songs form th hard drive. Lately when i go to delete i can’t see the songs but I know they are there. So I’ve had to resort to the “reformat” option. It would wipe it out so i could replace. However now reformatting does delete the songs but rhapsody still thinks the mp3 is almost full. It has no data but the software thinks it does so it won’t allow any more than 12 songs… Says at the bottom that almost all memory used but it’s empty! Frustrating…war do i do next? Took it to best buy and the guy on the geek squad told me about the option settings-rest to factory…but that didn’t work either.


Any more info required?

Resetting the Factory Defaults won’t do anything for you, in spite of what Best Buy’s geek said. Unfortnuately all I know about Rhapsody is that it can be quirky with it’s authorizations and so forth, but there are Rhapsody users here on the forum. Hopefully, one of them will chime in and be able to help you out. :smiley:

If you are using an e250R with Rhapsody, there are several factors at play  Let’s place them together using the shotgun method, then I’ll eleborate for you.

  • The R series e200 has different notations for USB mode: Rhapsody = MSC, Plays For Sure = MTP.
  • Using the Rhapsody client, you have TWO possible file formats and DRM methods, wma or RAX format.
  • Files transferred on one mode (MSC / MTP) aree not visible from the computer when in the alternate mode.
  • The v1 / Rhapsody device has a socketed (plug-in) NAND flash memory module that can become dislodged.
  • The device can be formatted (erase memory) using Windows, or by a special command method.
  • The R series and v1 devices have a Recovery Mode (be careful with this mode!)
  • Reset Factory Settings only sets values (brightness, power saver) to default values.
  • The Music folder is hidden by default when viewed from Windows.  Change Folder View to Show Hidden Files on your PC

First, turn on your e250R.  Let’s have a look at the startup.  First, you should have the SanDisk logo with sunburst, then the Rhapsody logo.  Does the device operate normally from this point?

You can check the memory by selecting MSC mode.  On the R series, go to settings > USB mode > Rhapsody and have a look at the device using Windows Explorer.  You can also check the volume for errors using chkdsk ; this will give a report of the overall memory status and size.  Alternately, you can click on the Sansa and select properties to see if the memory is available.

Let’s handle this in steps.  Try checking the device as above, and we can go from there.

The e200 series is as close to bullet-proof as it gets, as are the NAND devices in there.  We will just need to eliminate a few variables.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: