Help me find things on the mp3

Recently renewed my rhapsody membership after an absense of a year or so. Need someone to take me by the hand and walk me through step by step on how  to format my mp3. Due to a recent health issue I’m not able to read and follow instructions unless they’re step by step. Literally. It was originally downloaded on Windows 7 but the computer was in the shop so they upgraded to 10.

Is there a link I can go to, possibly a you tube link that shows and explains everything clearly?

I need someone who is patient and willing to work with me. 


Just because your computer’s OS was upgraded doesn’t mean you have to format your mp3 player, but if it is necessary for some other reason there is a Format command in Settings > System Settings (on the player). Note that this will erase all user-added content you have on the device and your personal settings will have to be reset as well.

Also note that Rhapsody will require the device be in MTP mode. This setting is also in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode.