I just got a new Fuze+ for Christmas, with the Rhapsody trial.  I have been unable to transfer music to my Fuze+, and now I get a message saying that Rhapsody cannot communicate with my MP3 player, and that I need to reformat.

I just got this.  Do I need to reformat, as they say?  How big a deal is this?  I copied everything I could from the player to my computer, in case you tell me to reformat.  Is this usual for a new player?

Please tell me - reformat, or not?

Rhapsody can communicate with your player in two modes, MSC or MTP.  To play the subscription tracks, you need to use MTP mode, where the Fuze is seen as a media device.

Does the Fuze show up in the upper left pane of the Rhapsody client screen?  This is the sources pane.  In MTP, it will display in Caps ans Smalls, as Sansa Fuze+.  If in MSC, it will list in CAPS, with a drive letter, as E: SANSA FUZE.  If the Fuze at least shows up here, it is communicating.

To authorize the Fuze+ to receice Rhapsody subscription tracks, the Secure ID (Unique ID) and Secure Clock can only be accessed using MTP mode.

Rhapsody staff may mention formatting the device, as in a problem situation, formatting clears the slate, and the subscription information can be retransferred.  If there is no music on the device (there are sample tracks loaded with a new machine), formatting is a simple trick to start anew.  The downside of the format operation is that it clears all media from the device.

Let’s see if we can isolate any problems- it’s simple enough to do.  On the computer, open a Windows Explorer window via My Computer.  Then plug in the Fuze, and see how it pops up.  If it’s communicating, in MSC mode, it will list as two flash drives, one is the internal memory, and the next letter is the microSD expansion port.

If communicating in MTP mode, it will be listed last, under Other, as a media player.  If you clickon the listing, it will split into Internal and External nemories.

If the device only shows up in MSC mode, MTP is part of Windows Media Player 10 and later.  If you have an earlier version of WiMP (Windows XP shipped with WiMP 9, which does not support MTP.  To upgrade your player, click on Help > Check For Updates, and download WiMP 11, the latest version (Or if you have Windows 7, it came bundled with WiMP12.)

Does the device show up as a media player, listed under “other”?

Click on the device, and see that you can access Internal and External memory.  If there’s a problem there, use the Device Manager to reinstall the player.  It sounds counterintuitive, but select the Sansa, click on properties (right click or double click), then Tools > uninstall.  Then unplug, wait at least 30 seconds, thenplug in again.  Windows will repair the installation.

Lastly, here’s a handy Rhapsody trick.  Open the Rhapsody client, then right click on the Fuze, selecting Deauthorize.  Then do the same thing, only this time select Authorize again.  Try dragging a few tracks from the Music Guide over to the Fuze, and see if operation is restored.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: