preloaded Rhapsody, filespace and formatting

Hi members,

When I bought my e260  from Best Buy 2 years ago it came loaded with a lot of Rhapsody stuff i didn’t want.  In fact 2 out of 4 Gigs was Rhapsody stuff!  At the time, and I can’t remember the procedure now, I dealt at some length with Sansa tech support and managed to reformat the player so that, except for the Rhapsody choice on the main menu, all the unwanted files disappeared and I was left with close to 4 gigs.

My qeustion is:  Is this still the case witht he Fuze?  Is there some vendor of the FuZe who sells it without all that bundled SW and files?  If I can’t buy it without it, could someone point me to the procedure to reformat ofr otherwise get rid of all the bundled SW.  

thanks in advance,


The Fuze is a little different from the old ‘R’ (Rhapsody) e200 series. That one had slightly different hardware in it. The Fuze and all Sansa players now do have some Rhapsody files on it, but they are easily deleted freeing up memory space.

Connect in MTP mode and look (in Windows Explorer for a SERVICES folder and open it. Inside you’ll find the Rhapsody folder. Just highlight and delete. :smiley:

Solved p- thank you