Help! Rhapsody Question? It's back!!

Hello! I deleted the Rhapsody folder and all of it’s content when I got my Fuze…  I see now that it’s all back.Why?  How do I get this deleted for good? I did not install the Rhapsody media manger program on the disk that came with the Payer… I have no intention of ever using Rhapsody because we rip all our music from Cd’s we have…  I don’t need Rhapsody taking up space on my unit… How do i get rid of it for good!  Thanks! George


Don’t worry about the Rhapsody folder, as it occupies but a few bytes.  The Fuze is a RhapPFS compatible player, meaning that the firmware is capable of handling Rhapsody if you desire.  The Account option, and the Rhapsody Channels function are toggled on if you subscribe. 

Deleting the Rhapsody folder is a teeny change in memory, versus the code that’s an integral part of the roughly 16MB of firmware.

When the firmware is installed, the Fuze builds the folder.  If you wish, you can delete it.  The folder will “reappear” upon a firmware installation, but not until then.

If you don’t use the Rhapsody service, no worries!

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Strange I did delete the Rhapsody folder with all it’s contents when I got the player 3 weeks ago and have never done a firmware update yet. I’m still running the last firmware 01.01.11a… I was holding off on the new firmware for a week or so just to make sure it’s not a bit buggy.  But I in fact have my Rhapsody folder back as it was when i got the player…  It’s rebuilding itself without a firmware update!  I quoted you below just to make sure I’m reading what your saying right… I believe I am… George  

““When the firmware is installed, the Fuze builds the folder.  If you wish, you can delete it.  The folder will “reappear” upon a firmware installation, but not until then.””

Ah, I see.  I am running Rhapsody on a handful of devices, and have had WiMP corrupt the Rhapsody subscription on a few passes.  The Account status “dot” disappears in this case, as well a the account option in the main menu.

In these cases, trying to restore the device via a soft reset would not restore the folder.  My guess was that a soft reset does not trigger the device to write a new Rhapsody folder into the root directory, during its 20 second reset / rebuild period following the restart.

I haven’t made the right contact yet at RealNetworks for details on the Rhapsody structure.  I’m working on that one, as much of the proprietary details are hidden in a warehouse in Area 51, or a “not really abandoned” Titan missile silo in Nebraska.  I’m trying to convey that my interest isn’t hacking the code, but helping others fly smoothly with their Sansas and Rhapsody.

I’d love to know when your device rewrote the folder.

I can assure you, I make a living of finding out what happens when things go gloriously wrong.  I’ve thrown everything at these devices, and they are quite robust.  The new firmware is excellent, especially the improvements in the menu scroll, borrowing from the e200, and the podcast scan key inhibits have been improved, allowing one to snap to successive podcasts without submenu navigation.

The only glitch I see is a logical issue, as the podcasts still are listed in newest-to-oldest order.  Podcasts, books, and the real world all take place in chronological order, but the current podcast folder is in a wormhole.  At least one can snap to the correct file now!

In the submenus, the play / pause button allows control over the current song play on the Fuze.  This inhibit is keyed to the “black and white” background seen when in this mode.  When in the submenus, the wraparound scroll is not implemented with the new firmware, a feature I would prefer, but this is a minor issue indeed.

The new start screen and Sansa logo are a joy to watch.  I would confidently update to the new firmware, as it’s been well implemented.  Remember, it was delayed for another pass through QA, and it’s been through the microscope.  I’d go ahead and upgrade!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Thanks for all the info!!  I feel better about the upgrade now too!!  As far as when the Rhapsody goes when it was

 re written to my player I’m not sure…  I did however do one soft reset!  Maybe then!!  Next time I plug it in I’ll delete it again and keep a check on it ot see if I can tell if it re writes it self back to the Fuze with out me doing anything…  If I don’t see it back in a few days I’ll then do a soft re set and see if that is the cause of it being re written back  and I’ll post it!! I’ll do this before I update my firmware!!  Thanks for your help and understanding!  George