Is Rhapsody Harming My Computer?

I just bought a Fuze and still am trying to get it up and running.  My one and only purpose for the MP3 is to listen to podcasts I download. 

During installation, I read that Rhapsody had to be installed for certain features to run properly, or something to that affect.   Okay.  SO I installed it and when I got to the point where it wanted my credit card #, I bailed and deleted the software (Win XP Pro.)  Today, while trying to synch some podcasts in WMP, right after closing it, I got the blue screen of death, telling me Windows shut down to protect my hardware.  The offending nasty, the MCSTRM service, which failed to start (because I deleted Rhapsody) appears to be connected to Rhapsody. 

How do I get all traces of Rhapsody off my computer, short of format/reinstall?

You “deleted” Rhapsody? Or did you uninstall it?

To get rid of a program, deleting its program folder is not the way to go.  If you just deleted the Rhapsody folder, the Windows Registry–the glue that holds together the house of cards that is Windows–is still looking for pieces of it.

The simplest thing to do is probably to install Rhapsody again, go to Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and uninstall it. That way you  can be sure that it uninstalls the program correctly. Rhapsody is real, professional software–it’s not malware. 

You don’t need ANY additional software to run the Fuze, though there are programs to make it more convenient. Go to Settings/USB Mode and put it in MSC mode, and it will work like a thumb drive. (The MSC driver is already in Windows.) You can drag and drop files onto it–make a folder called Podcasts and put them there if you want. 

If you like Windows Media Player, you need version 10 or 11, and you need to put the Fuze into MTP mode. 

Make sure your podcasts are .mp3 files–not m4a, which are for iPods.