Rhapsody Removal anf fuze v2 trade

Each time I start my fuze+ i get a message saying I need to renew my subscription.

I do not intend to renew, I do not want rhapsody on my device. How do I remove this message and rhapsody from from my fuze+

Also if anyone is interested trading a mint fuze v216gb  for a fuze+ pm me.

That’s easy!  (Isn’t there a red button to press that says that?  Staples, a US office supply store, has these.  Open the Rhapsody client on your PC, plug in the Fuze, and right click on the device in the sources pane on the left.

Select Deauthorize.  The Rhapsody Channels function will be dropped from the main menu, and the Account choice will drop from the Settings menu.

The only remaining issue will be those now-orphaned subscription files on the device.  You can individually erase them, or simply wipe the slate clean.  In the same Rhapsody client, you can select Format,  or unplug the device, go to Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes, and all media will be cleared from the device, ready for reloading.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Bob, many thanks. So I was hasty in removing my rhapsody software before deauthorising!


I deauthorized my Fuze+, formatted it, and it still has a Services/Rhapsody folder with a read-only “Capabilities.xml” file.  I can’t get rid of it!