Deleting files that came with fuze *Rhapsody*

I deleted all the content of the folders that came with my Fuze 8GB player when I got it a week ago except for Rhapsody folder!  I was not sure if I would use that service or not… I have decided not to use it.  Should I delete the Rhapsody folder or just it’s content? Or should I go back one level and delete the Services folder? Also will I gain much space? Thanks! George

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Deleting it won’t be a problem. First thing I did when I got my player was format it and then load my music via MSC. Been working great ever since.

Also, in my experience, Rhapsody takes up a hell of a lot of space.  If you don’t want it, you’re better off deleting it, folder and all.

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Thanks! Should I go back one level and delete the folder Services that Rhapsody is in also?  George

You can safely delete everything.  The player will rebuild whatever folders it needs to function.  The really important stuff (firmware) is out of reach where you can’t delete it, so delete away.


Thanks! That’s just what I wanted to hear!  George