How to Reformat my Sansa Fuse 4G with 4G micro sdhc drive and remove the Rhapsody service from it?

i have owned 2 sansa players. One was a M200 class 2gb and the other is the new fuse 4gb. I tried the introductory offer from Rhapsody and after the trial was over decided not to continue. I have several songs on the Fuse that came from that service that still show up. I have removed them from the player but for some reason they show up. I want to remove all of the songs, start over and -hopefully- get it to work like my old one. I could drag and drop songs all day long but now on the Fuse i can not and I am beginning to suspect the Rhapsody service for that. Will I hurt the device if i remove the folders? I know that the system files need to stay there but i do not download podcasts or audiobooks or videos. I use it for music only.

Can anyone identify what the following files are used for?






They may seem obivious to everyone else but I can not find any straight answers on what they do and why i need them.


This is what I would do. Connect to computer…in My Computer, open up the microsdhc card , and just delete everything from it by selecting all and pressing delete. Then disconnect from computer, in use the Fuze’s Format command in the settings menu. These 2 steps should clear everything you don’t want there, and let you start fresh. I would suggest switching to MSC mode after you finish removing all the old crap too…works great for the drag-and-dropper:smiley: