I thought it would be cool to download some Rhapsody radio channels. It took forever to do it and it apparently used up 6.1 MB. (I have right around 1000 songs, no videos and no photos) The channels sounded cool, but frankly I don’t want to donate most of memory to the Rhapsody channels. I went to Rhapsody and deleted them and I went into my internal memory and deleted the Rhapsody channel selection.

I checked my Fuze post deletion and had assumed that once I deleted the channels, I would get the 6.1 MB back on the Fuze. I was wrong - channels are gone and so is the 6.1 MB. What do I do to get the 6.1 MB back that the Rhapsody channels used?

Also, if I choose to discontinue my Rhapsody subscription at some point, will allof the songs I have downloaded  be deleted from my Fuze?

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The Rhapsody Channels will average about 300MB per channel, about 4 hours or so, updated automatically with new music each time you plug in to Rhapsody.

As you’ve seen, the individual files are not shown on the Fuze’s normal song navigation menus, unless you click “add song to library”, after which the track will be available via Song / Artist / Album / Genre like any other track.

The Channels playlists are stored in the Rhapsody folder.  The Sansa keeps the Channels data hidden from view, lest you lose your personal music in a maelstrom of Channels tracks.

Normally, deleting the Channel from Rhapsody should clear the tracks from the device, but picking the data manually from Windows Explorer may result in orphan files.

You can try connecting in MSC mode, and forcing the Fuze to build a new music database by deleting the mtable.sys file- perhaps this may fix your “available” display.

If not, the Rhapsody client normally “zorches” the Channels tracks when they are removed.  But glitches can indeed happen.  You can format the device to clear the decks, and start anew.  I prefer to let the Fuze itself optimize the memory when formatting: Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.  The Fuze uses 32KB allocation clusters, which is best.

On my 8GB device, I like to load four favorite Channels, leaving me plenty of available space.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: